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Behind the scenes of making Last Seen in Idaho

Filming in Washington State

The story of Last Seen in Idaho is primarily set in… no, NOT Idaho but Washington state. That’s because the movie’s heroine Summer is having visions of her future kidnapping, and when she “sees” a missing person flier that says she was last seen in Idaho, it’s a place she wants to avoid.

Most of the film was shot in the Puget Sound area of the Pacific Northwest. Principal photography lasted eighteen days. The film was directed by Eric Colley, written by Hallie Shepherd, and produced by the duo. Colley and Shepherd are Washington state natives.

Location Breakdown

– City Overlook: Rooftop of the historic Landmark Convention Center in Tacoma, WA. The industrial area seen in the background is the Port of Tacoma shipyards.
– Chase scene: Interiors & exteriors of the historic Landmark Convention Center. Don’t miss Mt. Rainier in the background as Summer exits the building!
– Tavern: The White Horse Tavern in Yelm, WA
– Ditching the Lamborghini: Downtown Tenino, WA
– Motel: The Sunshine Motel in Fife, WA
– Grady’s Mansion: Private home in Gig Harbor, WA
– Dex’s Auto Shop: Private workshop in Olympia, WA set dressed to appear to be an auto shop
– Barn: Private residence in Yelm, WA
– Rock Quarry: Former rock quarry in Port Orchard, WA. Now private property.
– Parking Garage: Parking garage of a commerical building a couple of blocks from Tacoma’s Freighthouse Square
– Hospital: A room inside Tacoma’s Landmark Convention Center, set-dressed to look like a hospital
– Lance’s Basement: Private home in Port Orchard, WA
– Opening aerial shots: Downtown Tacoma and I-5

Sports Cars & Classic Cars

Last Seen in Idaho needed cars and lots of them! The main character Summer works at Dex’s Exotic Auto Repair shop. Plus, there are multiple scenes where cars factor into the plot in a major way (a car crash, a getaway car, a fancy party with fancy cars). Some of these cars are practically characters of their own – or at the very least, the cars provide additional development of the characters that drive them.

On her blog, writer/producer/actress Hallie Shepherd detailed the cars in the movie and how they were acquired. Read “Sports Cars and Classic Cars of Last Seen in Idaho.”

By the time everything was said and done, there were enough cars in Last Seen in Idaho that they had their own two-page spreadsheet.

Some of the featured cars in the movie:
White Lamborghini Gallardo
Partially Restored 1970 Chevelle
’67 Black Mustang
‘67 Black Firebird Convertible
2011 Green with Envy Challenger
’98 Red Viper
’68 Jaguar XKE
2015 Mustang Shelby GT500

Behind the Scenes Specials

The DVD includes over 52 minutes of exclusive special features that take viewers behind the scenes of the making of the movie. Purchase the DVD on Amazon.

Director Eric Colley and sound mixer Mickey McMullen on the set of Last Seen in Idaho. Photo credit:

Making of the Movie, 31 minutes

Hallie Shepherd and crew film a scene in Last Seen in Idaho. Photo credit:

Behind the Action, 12 minutes

Wes Ramsey laughs between takes while filming Last Seen in Idaho. Photo credit:

Blooper Reel, 9 minutes

Wes Ramsey preps for a scene in Last Seen In Idaho. Photo credit:

Wes Ramsey

Hallie Shepherd between takes on the set of Last Seen In Idaho. Photo credit:

Hallie Shepherd

Shawn Christian gets into his character's mindset in Last Seen In Idaho. Photo credit:

Shawn Christian

Casper Van Dien is ready to film his next scene in Last Seen In Idaho. Photo credit:

Casper Van Dien

On the set of Last Seen In Idaho, director Eric Colley and team watch the scene from video village. Photo credit:

Director Eric Colley watches the scene with co-producer Sean Gleaves, gaffer Jacob Waluconis, and guest Ari Zucker.

Top 3 images are still frames from the film.
Rooftop (Wes & Hallie) and Rock quarry:
White Lambo:; Black Mustang: Hunter Bennett; Actors with green Challenger:
All photos in the “Behind the Scenes” section by

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